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InMotion Hosting vs. Bluehost

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InMotion Hosting vs. Bluehost: Choosing the Right Home for Your Online Business

Build a strong brand online starts with the choosing the right hosting company and Bluehost and Inmotion hosting services are some of the best. We pinned the two against each other in our review below.

Do you have everything you need to propel your new business to the greatest heights of success in the digital world? A prerequisite for the success of a business today is having a strong online presence.

And for your online business to gain ground and propulsion to the highest level of success, its home on the web should be reliable, secure, and easy to work with in case of technical difficulties.

Your business’ home, in this case, is a web host.

The web host you choose will host your personal blog or your company website, ensuring that your site experiences negligible downtime always. Before we look at the technical bits of website hosting, I’ll mention the fact that I’ve had my fair share of unfortunate events, most of which led to huge losses.

How? My first (rookie) mistake was signing up for a product I didn’t understand well, all because a friend was using it. The second mistake was opting for the cheapest available web hosting.

Now, let me explain how these were the worst mistakes of my time – first, buying ‘under the influence’ was a huge mistake because business needs differ which means that what works for one business might not necessarily work for you. So, while listening to friends is great, you need to be picky about the advice you receive.

And going for the cheapest available option – I’m still mad at myself about this. As they say, cheap is expensive, and what I learned is that the cheaper the plan, the higher the risk of failure, especially if the plan you sign up for lacks the essential features for your business. 

With these and numerous other mistakes and lessons, I now understand more about web hosting and what better way to share the knowledge gained than to share them with you?

The Essence of Website Hosting

Website hosting represents the foundation on which all the blogs and websites on the web are built on. Regardless of the size of your website or blog, an investment in the best host (for you) is critical.

The catch, however, is that there are numerous website hosting options/companies on the market today. Without definite information about the web host you are considering, you could end up making expensive mistakes you cannot afford. Today, we look at two of the most popular website hosting services – InMotion and Bluehost. 

But before we compare the two, there are critical components of web hosting you should know about. These include: 

  • Go for trustworthy website hosts
  • You get what you pay for, almost all the time
  • Pricing plans can be tricky. Read the pricing policies carefully before you pay for a service.
  • How much help do you need? And how much help can you afford?
  • Do you need build-in website builders along with the hosting plan/ features?

Now that we have these basics need-to-know essentials out of the way let’s look at how InMotion compares to Bluehost.

InMotion Hosting 

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When it comes to the search for the best website hosting service providers, InMotion hosting is regarded as the best website hosting service provider.

This notion held by experts across the world comes from the fact that this service provider services large and small businesses effortlessly while offering great eCommerce and WordPress hosting services. InMotion Hosting is a 15+-year-old web host boasting great plans, integrations, and a host of other important features. 

Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost is another highly regarded website hosting service provider and is, in fact, one of the largest website hosting companies around. Like InMotion, it boasts a solid reputation, and it could be the perfect fit for your business.

One of the things that stands out from Bluehost is that it’s the best website hosting service for WordPress; and it is one of the web hosting companies under the ownership of Endurance International Group, EIG. 

InMotion vs. Bluehost

To determine which of these web hosts is best for your business, we’ll look at some of the features of these two services and see how they compare to each other. 

Hosting Plans

InMotion Hosting 

screenshot of inmotion hosting plans

Most website hosting companies offer hosting plans for different types of web hosting – shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting. But even with the similarities, the web hosting companies offer different features for their products, and this means different pricing plans.

InMotion’s shared hosting plan is the cheapest plans offered by the company. Shared hosting limits the resources you have access to since you have to share the available resources with other users.

If you have a tight budget, shared hosting might be right for you. InMotion hosting features three Linux-based hosting plans (shared) – Launch, Power, and Pro going for a monthly rate of $7.46, $9.99, and $15.99 respectively. The Pro plan gives you access to use with unlimited domains and unlimited websites.

And all of the InMotion shared hosted plans feature unlimited storage, email, as well as monthly data transfers.

For VPS hosting, the plans offered by InMotion range from $41.64/month to $154/month, and if you choose to sign up for this plan, you will enjoy up to 8GB RAM, 260GB storage, and 6TB data transfers monthly, as well as MySQL databases and unlimited websites and emails.

And if your business requires a huge resource base or if your line of business calls for enhanced data protection, you might want to opt for the dedicated hosting services offered by InMotion. Signing up for the dedicated hosting services is applicable to Linux-based servers.

You will have access to 3TB storage, 64GB RAM, and 15TB worth of monthly data transfers. The prices might vary depending on your requirements, but they range from $136/month. InMotion also offers WordPress hosting services with prices starting from $8.99/month. 

The other hosting package offered by InMotion hosting is the Reseller web hosting. 


screenshot of bluehost plans

If you don’t expect much traffic on your website, you might want to start off with a cheap web hosting plan, then upgrade to a higher plan when your site’s needs increase. For the low-resource requirements, Bluehost, like InMotion offers a shared hosting plan.

But there’s one catch – Bluehost does not offer any monthly options under the shared hosting plan, and if you need this service, you will be required to sign up for the annual plan.

A two or a three-year plan gives you access to bigger discounts. So, if you need a short-term commitment, InMotion might be a better option for you. If you don’t mind the annual commitment, Bluehost offers four-tiered plans; the Basic shared, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro.

The one-year Basic plan goes for $7.99/month, and it gives you access to 50GB storage, 5 email addresses, unlimited monthly data transfers, and a free domain name transfer. The other shared plans cost $10.99, $14.99, and $23.99, respectively. The higher plans offer more features. 

Besides the shared plan, Bluehost also offers VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting.

The VPS hosting plan offered by Bluehost is a lot like the shared plans, although it gives you access to more resources. Bluehost’s VPS hosting is a 3-tiered system of wholly Linux-based hosting, and these plans range from $29.99/month for 30GB SSD, 2GB memory, and unlimited data transfers to $119.99/month for 120GB SSD, 8GB memory, and unlimited data transfers. 

If you are looking for dedicated hosting services, Bluehost also has you covered with its dedicated hosting plans for handling huge traffic numbers and prices ranging from $109/month for 1TB hard drive space. The hosting is applicable to Linux-based systems.

WordPress hosting offered by Bluehost is one of the best hosting services around. The plan is also tiered with prices ranging from $7.99/month for one website (with access to a free domain for one year, SSD storage, and a free SSL certificate) to $14.99/month.

The best bit is that the WordPress hosting offered by Bluehost offers PayPal integrations, live support, unlimited restore, and backups, and you won’t need to install a content management system. Comparing the features and plans of Bluehost and InMotion, InMotion hosting offers better features, along with free backups and unlimited disk space.

Though expensive, the plans could be worth your while if you don’t mind the extra expenses. 

Disk Space and SSD Storage

When looking for a website hosting company, you must always look at the storage space offered and how well the available storage space will suit your business needs. 

Looking at these two companies, InMotion offers unlimited disk space to its users, and it also offers SSD storage. When it comes to storage in the world of hosting, the storage services offered will is either cheap and in plenty or safe and fast. These differences define the HDD and the SSD storage structures.

HDD storage is non-volatile and the data saved doesn’t disappear when the system is turned off – data is stored in a hard drive which is essentially a metallic platter that features a magnetic coating for data storage.

SSD storage, on the other hand, stores data in interconnected chips (flash memory chips) which will store data when your power’s out. These chips are faster and smaller than thumb drives, and they offer more flexibility. Given the high-speed performance and the high energy efficiency of the SSD chips, it’s not surprising to find that InMotion is highly regarded.

Keep in mind that SSD systems also boast a seamless system for multitasking, great cooling systems, they are less noisy, and they are more reliable and durable than the HDD storage solutions. 

Bluehost, on the other hand, makes use of HDD storage for most of its plans except for VPS and WordPress hosting, which means that InMotion hosting wins in this category. When it comes to the disk space, however, both InMotion and Bluehost offer unlimited disk space to their users.

Ease of Use

Both Bluehost and InMotion hosting use the cPanel, the world’s most reliable/ popular management tools. Besides the cPanel, both web hosts feature easy-to-use interfaces which allow for use by pros, as well as beginners.

Data Backups

InMotion hosting offers free backups for its clients. Bluehost also offers free backup services taking place daily, weekly, or monthly.

SSL Encryptions

Both InMotion and Bluehost hosting service providers provide free SSL certificates. The SSL certificate is a great security layer that ensures the safety of your data as well as your clients’ data. 

In case you are wondering, SSL refers to the security system that encrypts data for everyone who visits your website. It’s also the feature that tells your site visitors that your site is secure. Since both web hosts offer free SSL certificates, you have to look at other features to determine whether to pick InMotion or Bluehost.

WordPress Integration

picture of wordpress spelled with scrabble

A huge percentage of websites run on WordPress, and it’s reported that about 30% of the entire website is powered by WordPress. So, if you are thinking of running your website on WordPress, you are not alone. The good news is that there are numerous website hosting service providers around.

Looking at InMotion and Bluehost, they both offer great WordPress integration services. However, among the two, Bluehost has the best integrations for WordPress, and it could be what you need to boost your website’s performance. 

Bluehost boasts one-click installations, free customized emails, 24/7 support, free SSL certificates, free domain, auto-updates, and 30-day money-back guarantees, among others. 

Keep in mind, however, that InMotion hosting also offers WordPress integrations, as well as other features like free website integrations for individuals with WordPress websites, 24/7 support, free domain and automatic updates among others.

Overall, however, Bluehost is the best when it comes to WordPress integration functions. 


In website hosting-speak, uptime refers to how much time your website stays online and how long it will be offline in the course of the year because of technical difficulties or system upgrades. When it comes to your website’s uptime, you need to make sure that your web host promises you the highest possible uptime.

While at it, keep in mind that no host offers 100% uptime and you shouldn’t opt for 100% uptime because systems fail for known and even unpredictable reasons. Looking at InMotion and Bluehost, these two web hosts promise 99.98% uptime. This is an impressive score for any web hosting company. 

Customer Support

three women with headsets on

Before you choose one website host over the other, ensure that you can rely on their services and help when you run into technical trouble. Bluehost offers great customer support services using tickets, 24/7 phone support, phone, live chats (not available 24/7), and also a comprehensive knowledge center. 

InMotion, on the other hand, offers phone support, live chats, skype communications, and a knowledge center. It lacks ticketing systems and 24/7 phone and live chats.


InMotion and Bluehost are the best web hosting companies around. They offer impressive features and functions. Therefore, choosing one or the other will largely depend on your budget, needs, and flexibility. Overall, for most people starting off small, Bluehost is the best web host.