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Thinking about hosting your website with InMotion Hosting? Read this in-depth review to see if they are a good fit for your needs and find out how they compare to other hosting providers…

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InMotion Hosting Review: Everything You Need to Know

There are three things you should always look for in a web hosting provider, speed, security and scalability and InMotion hosting checks all three and then some. Here’s our review.

Two mistakes to avoid when starting a business – cashflow mismanagement and operating without a website.   

A website informs the world who you are and what you do. It is vital for brand visibility and recognition. But, before you can get to that space where your products sell themselves online, you need to host your website. 

Google ads are filled with marketing materials from hosting companies – each promising the fastest uptime and unrivalled customer support. The challenge is when you get caught up in a package, only to get some of the slowest uptimes.

Your calls to customer support go unanswered – if they respond it is after your website has being down for several days. InMotion Hosting has grown to become one of the most notable hosting companies. In this review, we reveal whether it is worth your money. 

Company Overview

The company was established in 2001 as a webhosting company. Through the provision of excellent services the company grew to handle over 300,000 domains and even went ahead to be awarded the 3/3 CNet rating. The company has also won various customer service awards and is one of the few hosting companies to be rated A+ by BBB. 

InMotion Hosting has also stood out for being one of the first companies to use eco-friendly servers. This means they have lower carbon footprints. For those with heavy websites, you will enjoy some of the fastest loading times and uptimes. 

The journey to identify the right hosting company is not an easy one. We started with the popular ones like GoDaddy, but since our website was resource intensive we found the services offered to be substandard.

Responding to queries would take us more than 24 hours and at the end of the day, our issues would still remain unresolved. This begun our search for the right hosting company. SiteGround was great for supporting our Joomla plans but we did not get the performances that we were looking for. 

Then someone introduced us to InMotion Hosting and we decided to settle. 

Here is why..

Uptime Guarantee

If you are going to succeed in e-commerce then your webpages should load fast. Over a period of more than 12 months, InMotion hosting comes up with an uptime score of 99.95%. This puts them in top quarter with other top host companies. InMotion hosting is reliable and it keeps getting better. 

This speeds extends to webpage loading times at over 855ms. This is pretty fast when you compare with InMotion hosting competitors who are doing more than 890ms. Having fast load times helps your SEO rankings. Google algorithms factor in how webpages load as it affects the bounce off rate. Customers will tend to ignore or close webpages that take too long to load. 

InMotion Hosting is so serious as to providing fast uptimes that you get a one month of free service for uptimes less than 99.9%. However, this is relegated to the Pro subscription plan. 

Server technology

InMotion Hosting stores their servers in both the east and west coast of the United States. Through their MaxSpeedZone feature clients under the VPS and business class can choose which servers to use.

This is done manually, however, their servers tend to load to servers nearest the customer. This ensures fast load times of webpages. While this does not affect service delivery in anyway, InMotion Hosting have gone out of their way to embrace green technology.

Servers are a major cause of pollution through carbon outputs. It is estimated that the company is so eco-friendly as to reduce their server cooling costs by up to 70%. 

Customer support


three women with headsets on

If you are running a major e-commerce store, then any queries with your website servers needs to be solved as soon as possible. A 5-minute delay can lead to colossal losses. Fast customer support ranks up there with uptime speeds when it comes to choosing webhosting companies.

 InMotion Hosting has built itself a solid name when it comes to prompt and efficient customer support. In fact, they have being named as a leader in web hosting customer support.

Expect to get a ticket the moment you raise a query and connection to a live agent in less than 2 minutes. You can also contact the company by phone, email, or ticketing. In all options, you get 24/7 support. 

90-day money back guarantee

This industry average is 60-day money back guarantee, but InMotion Hosting have gone a step further to offer 90-day. This is for those who opt for longer contracts like the shared, reseller hosting plans or VPS.

During this time you get a full refund If you cancel your subscription plan. The 30-day money back guarantee is available for those using dedicated servers, reseller plans or VPS but have monthly billing. 

Free Backups

What stands out for InMotion Hosting is their variety of service plans. The backups are free and automatic. This is unlike other service providers who charge or have hidden charges in their terms of service.

InMotion offers you up to 10GB backup spacewith the addition of a tool for manual backups. 


Most websites available online have being customized for e-commerce. InMotion goes a step further by offering partnerships with e-commerce service providers like SiteGround and Pretashop. This gives your customers a smooth experience by offering integration with payment processors. 

Free website transfer

When you choose to change hosting service providers, InMotion does the website transfer for you for free. However, you will need to prepare for some zero downtime during the transfer.

InMotion website transfer is for up to 3 websites. And when you partner with them you get to enjoy a free domain. Renewing it is cheaper when compared with other service providers.

Unlimited Offers


One of the perks of joining InMotion Hosting is that you enjoy unlimited disk space and bandwidth. The problem is that this is limited to the extent your plans do not interfere with others on the shared servers. This means you will need to keep a close check on your uptime or upgrade to dedicated servers. You also get to enjoy unlimited emails. 


InMotion servers are eco-friendly, which means they leave less carbon footprints. The company has invested in some high-quality and fast servers. This means your website pages load faster than competitors.

The company has also invested in the latest Solid-State Drivers (SSD). This means you get operation efficiency that is 20 times faster than the conventional HHDs. 

Control Panel

The account panel is where you control most functions of your website. You get the ability to update credit card, get account notifications, transfer domain, register domain, pay bills, and get support tickets.

The user-interface is intuitive and friendly. You can even manage your SSL settings their. 

While having a cPanel is a standard for most hosting companies, InMotion stands out through a couple of customizable settings. Firstly, they have the softaculous installer that lets you install over 400 applications including Joomla, WordPress, or Magneto.

The Cron jobs can be used for script creation while a multiple database option gives you access to both PostgresQL and MySQL. Others include custom error pages and SSH access. 

InMotion Hosting Plans

screenshot of inmotion hosting plans

When you are starting out and just have a small enterprise, you can start out with the shared hosting. Shared hosting means that all websites and services are hosted on as single server. This makes the service cheaper but can make resource intensive websites slow.

In the shared hosting option, you get to choose from launch, power and pro. Launch supports 2 websites, Power 6 websites and Pro unlimited websites. In all the plans, you get unlimited resources & emails, free domain, free SSL, and security suite. If you focus is on WordPress then you can invest in 6 InMotion specialized WordPress plans. 

InMotion hosting plans for businesses will start at $4.19 per month for the launch, $5.39 for the Power, and $13.99 per month for the Pro. This is what you need when you are starting out.

As you have more websites you can move to their VPS plans. Each of the plans targets a particular business group. The launch is for those people who have just started in business and have one or two small websites. The Pro plan is for medium sized companies like agencies and those working with virtual teams.

This is because it comes with free backups, SSDs, unlimited disk spaces and the Max Speed Zone. 

WordPress Optimization: WordPress sites can be slow during intensive activity. In this regards, InMotion offers NGINX servers for WordPress optimization. They also have their own WordPress cache manager. 

Managed VPS Plans: For those companies operating intensive websites the ideal package is private servers. Here you will find InMotion administrators setting up the operating systems, security, and updates. The cPanel for managed VPS is more comprehensive.

You also get additional services like free backups, search engine rankings, and SSL certificates. The plans are offered in either 4, 6, and 8 GB packages. Since the VPS plans are cloud based, expect to zero downtimes.

Once you decide to go with InMotion, you will be offered a 25 minute consultation by the company’s customer care representatives on the various product features. You can also get extra tutorials at the Knowledgebase articles. The tutorials are in-depth and lay the foundation for hosting. 

When it comes to pricing, I have to admit InMotion is way affordable than what competitors are offering. For one their VPS accounts start at around $29.99 per month.

This is a far cry from the over $50 offered by competitors in the market. This pricing difference does not mean that they comprise in quality in any way – no you get value for money. If you are not satisfied they have the longest money-back guarantee at 90-days.

Considering how much you need you e-commerce site to operate optimally, this is a small price to pay. 

Lastly, InMotion have reseller plans for web designers and developers. Here you have the capacity to start you own hosting business for your dedicated web design clients. The plans start at $13.99 per month and $89 per month for the VPS. Dedicated servers for those with enormous amounts of data go for $100 per month. 

BoldGrid Plugin

boldgrid plugin

To better help you edit and customize your WordPress, InMotion have included this easy to use plugin. With it you can drag and drop stuff on WordPress. BoldGrid comes with over 200 professionally designed themes with the option of customization.

BoldGrid comes with an innovative feature called staging that lets you have duplicate websites without them appearing on search results. You can continue editing the webpages and only duplicate the changes when you are satisfied with the results.

The plugin is optimized for SEO meaning you should experience higher rankings in search results. Once you have identified the right plan for your company and paid for the subscriptions, you will be directed to the InMotion Hosting accounts management panel.

Here you will be required to enter your email address and password – has to be a strong one. You will find almost everything you need on the cPanel including credit card payments, password resets, upgrades and also be able to purchase stuff like SSL.

However, note that the packages come with a free SSL. It is also here that you can download BoldGrid Builder. Transferring your account to the service provider is free and simple. 


When compared to what is in the market, InMotion Hosting has many things to offer. There prices are affordable and you get a lot of unlimited offers. The first benefit of choosing InMotion is that they have the longest money-back guarantee – 90 days –, which means you get your money back if not satisfied with their services.

Their account management panel is intuitive and has almost everything that you will need. For service delivery, InMotion has one of a kind SSD disks and servers that are eco-friendly. The uptime is reasonable at over 99.95%.

Customer service is top notch and the numerous awards the company has won in this sector evidence this. InMotion is an ideal hosting company for those who are frustrated by other service providers in the market.

InMotion Hosting Customer Reviews

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