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Commonly Asked Questions

What’s the turn around time?

Answer: We strive to deliver your content within 3-4 business days for orders under 6000 words. Orders that are 6000 words to 12000 words, please allow up to 5 business days.

What should I include in the Instructions box?

Answer: You can include basic or specific instructions for your article. The more details you provide, the better we will understand exactly what you need.

What happens if I don’t like the content?

Answer: This doesn’t happen very often but we are human and we know we’re not perfect. If you’re unhappy with the content you receive, simply email us with your concerns and we will fix or completely rewrite your article so you’re 100% happy at no extra cost.

Example Order

Here’s an example of good instructions.

Word Count: 1500
Quantity: One
Content Type: Informational

Main Keyword/Topic: How To Train A Parrot To Talk

Article Instructions:

I need a 1500 word article on how to train a parrot to speak.

The style of this article needs to be conversational as well as informative. It needs to be easy to understand and follow with step by step like instructions.

Please follow this format:
Short intro: The first paragraph needs to grab the reader’s attention to draw them into reading the full article. Then, go into a short introduction explaining what the article is about and why they need to read it.

The Pain/Problem: This section, I need you to relate to the average reader who is finding it hard to train their parrot to speak. Write about the struggles they may be already facing or what to expect if they try to do it alone. No more than 250 words on this section please.

How to: In this section, I need you to do the research and give actionable tips on how to teach a parrot to talk. Easy to follow actionable tips.

Recommended Guide: After providing some tips it’s now time to recommend the parrot training guide I will be promoting which is https://www.amazon.com/New-Parrot-Training-Handbook/dp/0962672424 – Recommend this as a great book that covers parrot training in more detail.

At the end of the article, please encourage readers to leave a comment or leave their questions.

No fluff or filler content please.

First Name: John Last Name: Smith

Email: johnsmith05q@gmail,com