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Niche Ideas For Affiliate Websites

Here are 30 niche ideas to help if you’re struggling to start an affiliate website.

Did you know every second, more than 40,000 searches are done on Google alone – this doesn’t even account for other search engines. Google hit the 1.2 trillion mark for searches performed in a single year in 2012 – and since then, this figure is simply continuing to grow.

These statistics do not only show the potential of an online business owner, but also those looking to make extra money through affiliate marketing.

In the year 2020, it is expected that retailers in the US will spend at least $6.8 billion on affiliate marketing – making this an excellent opportunity for you to delve into a business opportunity that really requires almost no initial investment.

Here’s a look at some of the best niches that you should consider when starting a niche site.

Each of these niches has been hand-picked and provides the perfect opportunity for you to dive into the world of affiliate marketing.


1. Insurance

Insurance is something that everyone can really benefit from. With the high prices charged by some insurance companies, you have an opportunity to help people find agencies that can offer them quality insurance services at more affordable rates.

The industry is also huge. In the US alone, premiums for insurance services reached $1.2 trillion in the year 2017. Life insurance accounts for more than half of these premiums, followed by property insurance and casualty insurance plans.

There are many opportunities when it comes to setting up a niche site in the insurance industry. Some potential examples of what you could consider:

  • A comparison website that gives an overview of premium prices from different insurance providers.
  • A review website that tells users more about agencies in a specific area that offers insurance services.
  • A general blog with information on insurance services, reviews, as well as tips to help people get the most out of their policy.

You can decide to focus on insurance as a niche or rather be more targeted – such as a focus on:

  • Travel insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Farmers insurance
  • Home insurance

There are several opportunities that you can take advantage of to monetize an affiliate website in the insurance niche, such as:


2. Weight Loss

Obesity is more concerning than ever before. The World Health Organization reports that an estimated 650 million people throughout the world are obese. At least 1.3 billion additional cases of overweight exist.

The dangers of obesity are what give you an opportunity here. Take advantage of affiliate programs that focus on helping your readers lose weight. The opportunities presented here are truly endless.

Examples of affiliate niche sites in the weight loss industry that you could decide to set up:

  • A review website that looks at top-rated programs and supplements.
  • A website that gives tips on losing weight.
  • If you are on a weight loss journey, then set up a blog that documents your progress and gives tips as you go along.

ClickBank is a great option for monetizing a weight loss niche website. There are many programs available on ClickBank, and they often come with excellent commission rates. Amazon is also an excellent option as you can easily monetize product reviews with the Amazon Associates Program.

Other affiliate programs you might also want to look at:


3. Muscle Building

The muscle building industry is just as big compared to the world of weight loss. Millions of men and women are looking for ways to increase their lean muscle mass. For some, the reason behind an increase in muscle mass is to enhance their physical appearance. Others rather want to take advantage of the health benefits that come with increased muscle mass.

The best way to go about setting up a muscle-building website is first to consider if you wish to focus on men or women since the goals tend to differ. There are many opportunities that you can take advantage of if you decide to set up a muscle building niche site:

  • Create a website that compares different supplements to each other.
  • Create a review website that tells people more about supplements and online programs.
  • Set up a blog that shares tips on muscle building.

With muscle building as a target niche, you should definitely take a look at ClickBank. This marketplace has several opportunities for programs that focus on telling the customer how they can build muscles.

The Amazon Associates program and the affiliate system are two options you also want to consider if you are looking to promote products in this niche.


4. Cryptocurrency

Since the launch of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have quickly started to trend – with thousands of new cryptocurrencies launched since the initial foundation of the Bitcoin digital currency. While there are many cryptocurrencies that have failed, others are thriving and gaining in value day-after-day.

There is a new social media post published about Bitcoin every third second. The global market size for blockchain systems is estimated to reach at least $57 million within the next five to six years.

With this in mind, cryptocurrencies offer you an excellent opportunity to set up a niche site and profit from your efforts. There are many opportunities presented within the cryptocurrency niche too.

Some examples of niche sites that you could decide on:

  • Set up a cryptocurrency ticker website that gives visitors a real-time overview of exchange rates between different cryptocurrencies, as well as between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.
  • Develop a blog that tells people more about cryptocurrencies, providing tutorials to help them get started with investing in these currencies.

There are a large number of affiliate programs that you can take advantage of. Many of these will actually pay you in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency for the sales or leads that you bring into the platform.

Here are a couple of programs that you should look at:

The majority of these programs will usually give you a certain commission if you get someone to sign up under your link.


5. Beauty

The beauty industry is huge and consists of several sub-niches. According to a recent report by Business Insider, this industry already holds a value of more than $530 billion – and the figure simply continues to grow year-after-year.

There are several potential opportunities that you can explore if you decide to delve into the beauty niche. You can decide to set up a website that relates to beauty as a whole niche, or rather decides to pin down to a more specific niche – think holographic and natural makeup products, for example.

Some examples of niche websites that you can use to profit from the beauty industry include:

  • A beauty blog where you share tips on makeup trends and similar topics.
  • A blog that is linked to a YouTube channel where you post videos related to makeup topics.
  • A review website where you tell visitors more about makeup and other beauty products on the market.

There are several potential affiliate programs that you can look at when you decide to target the beauty niche, such as:


6. Skincare

The skincare industry is also a trending niche that you should look at. Even though some may find this one closely related to the beauty niche, skincare on its own is really a separate topic that you should consider. Skincare generally involves products and strategies to keep the skin healthy and glowing – this may also include ways to fight against premature aging, to even out the skin tone, or perhaps to get rid of acne.

The global skincare industry has already surpassed the $300 billion mark in the year 2018. The industry will continue to grow and also offers you an excellent opportunity to profit from a niche site.

A few niche site ideas that can be used in the skincare industry include:

  • Skincare tips – perhaps you suffered from acne or premature aging and got rid of the problem. Share your story – when the information on a niche site is relatable, it sells easier.
  • Skincare review website where you publish opinion-based articles about products.

There are many affiliate programs in the skincare niche. Consider some of these:


7. Real Estate

Real estate is quite a broad term when it comes to niche websites – the great thing is, this also means a lot of different opportunities for you to utilize. The real estate niche can easily be combined with other niche ideas, too – when someone buys a house, they need insurance. Before they buy that house, they might also need access to mortgage services. Thus, this really is a multi-purpose niche.

When it comes to setting up a real estate niche website, there are many opportunities for you to consider, such as:

  • Set up a real estate website that gives people ideas on how to get the most out of their investment. You can target different topics related to real estate investments and advice for new homeowners.
  • Consider setting up a comparison website that provides a detailed overview of the pricing charged by real estate agents.
  • Set up a real estate niche site that specializes in listing homes, farms, apartments, and other properties for sale.

These are only a few examples. Due to the size of the real estate industry, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to setting up a niche website.

There are also many opportunities for adding affiliate programs to this type of website. Here are just a few of the many affiliate programs and options that you get to make money from a real estate niche website:


8. Online Education

Education is the key to landing a better and higher paying job – but most people in a nine-to-five day job are unable to attend classes at a local educational institute. This is why online education has become such a booming topic recently, allowing people to gain extra skills and even become certified from the comfort of their homes.

There are quite a few websites that now offer online educational resources for people – and these sites are making a lot of profit. One financial report claims that by the year 2022, the worldwide e-learning market will surpass a value of $243 billion.

One of the best ways to profit from this niche is to set up a website that compares different online educational platforms. You could even try some of these out yourself – give your visitors an overview of which of these platforms offer useful courses, and let them know which websites will just waste their time and money.

There are many affiliate programs in the online education niche that you can take advantage of to monetize the content you publish on your site, such as:


9. Travel

Traveling is something that most people have done at least once in their lives. For many, traveling actually forms an important part of their lives – whether that is for business or personal reasons. Many people who often travel during the holiday seasons are looking for new places to visit, adventures to embark upon – and during these travels, they will need a place to stay, an airline to use, and they will probably be interested in travel insurance as well.

All of these factors give you opportunities to delve into the travel niche in order to set up a profitable website.

Here are just a few examples of niche sites you can do:

  • Travel comparison site that gives people the opportunity to compare flights, car rental services, and hotel rooms.
  • Travel journal or blog that tells people about great things to do in different locations throughout the world.
  • Travel tip blog that gives people advice on how they can really get the most out of their travels.

There are several opportunities when it comes to looking at affiliate programs to integrate into a travel niche website. Some of these include:


10. Legal

Most people will find themselves in some sort of legal situation at some point in time. There are both personal matters that may require legal intervention, as well as corporate matters, which business owners will usually be well-aware of.

The average person will often seek out legal advice or at least a few tips before they decide to get in touch with a lawyer. It is certainly not news that legal services can be exceptionally pricey.

If you do have some knowledge about legal matters, then you should consider setting up a blog or niche site that focuses on providing your readers with legal advice. You can do this even if you are not a lawyer – just be sure to mention on your niche site that you are not a lawyer and that the information shared on the site is advice and should still be discussed with a professional.

You can also choose to set up a niche site that lists the services of local lawyers and other legal service providers.

The Rakuten Affiliate Network has a few potential opportunities that you should consider. The Rocket Lawyer Affiliate Program on this platform, for example, pays affiliates up to 30% commission for referring clients to the legal firm.

Other legal affiliate programs you should consider using on your legal niche site:


11. Jewelry

There is no doubt that jewelry is some of the most treasured items that many people own. Jewelry has been around for thousands of years and will continue to be a trending topic well into the future of our world. With this in mind, why not consider a niche website that revolves around jewelry?

The great thing here is the versatility that comes with jewelry as a niche. You can decide to set up a website that gives an overview of jewelry items in general, or you can decide to choose a more targeted sub-niche.

Here are a few examples of sub-niche jewelry website ideas:

  • Fine and luxury jewelry
  • Rose gold jewelry
  • Emo and “punk” jewelry
  • Silver jewelry
  • Precious gemstone jewelry

Each of these would make an excellent choice, as there is a lot of content that you can curate around these topics.

When it comes to finding an affiliate program to monetize your site, there are many options to choose from. Here are a few options to consider:


12. Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that still holds up to its reputation today. In fact, this practice is not only popular among the more traditional individuals who used to perform it, but is utilized by millions of average individuals to help them benefit from the activity. By the year 2020, the yoga industry in the US alone is estimated to reach a value of about $11.6 billion.

This practice comes with several benefits – but many people are not sure how they can get started. This, of course, presents you with an opportunity – if you know a thing or two about yoga, why not help others and profit at the same time.

You can consider setting up a blog with yoga-related tips and tutorials. You could also decide on a niche website that reviews products that people can take advantage of if they decide to practice yoga.

There are a lot of different affiliate programs that come to mind here. Consider using some of the following programs to help monetize your yoga niche website:

  • Amazon Associates Program
  • Barefoot Yoga – Eco-friendly yoga-related products (Up to 10% commission)
  • Manduka Affiliate Program – a platform built for yoga teachers and students (15% commission)
  • Jade Yoga – natural yoga mats and other products (Up to 20% commission)


13. CBD Oil

CBD oil is a substance that contains an extract from hemp plants. The main compound is known as Cannabidiol and has been linked to several potential health benefits – these oils help to treat anxiety, reduce inflammation, get rid of pain, and more. The industry has already reached a global worth of more than $367 million in the year 2017. The industry is rapidly growing as well, with more-and-more people turning to CBD oils instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

The industry holds many opportunities. While the main ideas that come to mind would include manufacturing your own CBD oil or perhaps investing in the industry, you can also choose to set up a niche site and utilize affiliate programs to profit from the industry.

Some ideas on CBD oil niche sites that you might consider:

  • A review website that tells readers more about the variety of CBD oil products that are on the market.
  • A news website that provides up-to-date information about the latest studies and general news related to CBD oil.
  • A blog that provides details on the benefits of CBD oil and related topics.

There are a few different affiliate programs that you can take advantage of to monetize a CBD oil niche website. Here are a couple of options to consider:


14. Fasting

Fasting is one of the latest dieting trends and has also been shown to provide potential benefits to people who do not necessarily need to lose excess weight. These programs generally involve both a fasting window and an eating window during a 24-hour period. The major concern, however, is that the restriction of calories during fasting windows can be harmful to some people.

This is why it is important for people to do research about safe ways to fast before they decide to implement this type of program. This is, of course, exactly where you come in. With some research, you can set up a website that provides readers detailed information on what to expect if they fast. Introduce your readers to different types of fasting programs and guide them through the process in a safe way.

You could also develop a niche website that reviews programs and supplements that aim to help people better understand how they can implement fasting into their own lives.

Several affiliate programs can be utilized to help you profit from a fasting niche website. Here are a couple of examples:


15. Supplements

The supplement industry is also huge. One report claims that the industry reached an economic impact of $122 billion in the year 2016. The industry also continues to grow each year, with many companies claiming their part of this goldmine of a market.

This particular industry is massive. There are hundreds of different supplement categories that people opt for when they are looking to improve their health or perhaps gain access to a natural treatment for specific conditions.

When you decide to target the supplement industry, you can choose to develop a website surrounding supplements in general. It would, however, be easier to decide on a specific sub-niche within the industry to target. There are many opportunities, such as:

  • Weight loss supplements
  • Muscle building supplements
  • Performance enhancement supplements
  • Nootropics
  • Diabetes supplements
  • Blood flow supplements
  • Vitamins and minerals

The great thing about targeting the supplement niche would be the fact that there is a significant variety of opportunities when it comes to setting up affiliate programs on this type of website. Some of the opportunities that you should take a look at include:

Consider these affiliate programs if you want to develop a supplements niche site:


16. Loans

Loans are exceptionally popular services that give people access to financial services when they really need it. There are different kinds of loans available that people can take advantage of. Personal loans are very commonly accessed by the global population, but credit cards are just as popular.

This particular industry will continue to thrive in the years to come, which is why you should certainly consider loans as a niche for your website. There are different ways that you can develop a niche site in this market. Here are a few examples you might want to consider:

  • Loan comparison website that compares interest rates, requirements, and loan amounts from various local institutions.
  • Credit card comparison site that tells the reader about benefits, interest rates, and other factors related to popular credit card options.
  • A blog that focuses on giving people tips on how they can apply for loans, how to increase the chances of approval, and some advice on building a good credit score.

The specific affiliate programs that you will promote really depends on the location of your target audience. A few excellent options when targeting the US population would include:


17. Mortgages

By the end of 2018, the total value of mortgages within the United States reached $10.3 trillion. While it is convenient to rent a home, many people do prefer to take the next step and become a homeowner. Even for those who already own a home, the idea of a second mortgage can be attractive, allowing for their home to be renovated or even expanded.

The market for mortgages is huge – but many people interested in becoming homeowners are unsure about the first step that they should be taking.

Consider this an excellent opportunity as well. You could set up a niche site that focuses on guiding people through the process of becoming first-time homeowners. You could also rather choose to focus on present tips for existing homeowners who want to take up a second mortgage.

With this particular niche, there are multiple opportunities. In fact, you can easily merge this niche with affiliate opportunities from other markets too. Homeowners need insurance, right?

The opportunities depend on the specific country that you may be targeting.

Mortgage Simplicity is an excellent opportunity when targeting a UK population and pays as much as one thousand pounds on a referred sale. Lendingtree is a good option when targeting the US population and pays up to $60 for a lead.


18. Vehicle Finance

For many people, owning a vehicle is an essential part of allowing them to commute on a daily basis. They rely on their car to get from point A to point B – whether that is from home to work or to school. This means this particular niche also holds an opportunity for you – in fact, with some creativity, you can set up a niche website related to vehicle finance that really pushes the limits of your earning potential.

Consider setting up a niche site that reviews cars and talks a bit about vehicle finance. You could even utilize an affiliate network that gives you access to a feed for cars that are for sale in a specific area – preferably an area close to the visitor’s physical location. You could give them a breakdown of what to expect if they buy the car on finance – plus promote a vehicle finance affiliate program to them at the same time.

FlexOffers has a number of excellent vehicle loan affiliate programs that you can take advantage of, including:

  • MaxCarLoan
  • Get Me Car Finance
  • Car Loans Compare Affiliate Program
  • Get A Car Affiliate Program
  • LoanMart Cart Title Loans
  • Roadloans Affiliate Program
  • Car Loan Pal
  • StartMyQuote Affiliate Program
  • Car Loan Answer
  • Affiliate Program

Consider combining these programs with some of the following opportunities to maximize your earnings with the vehicle finance niche site:


19. Starting A Business

The idea of starting a business has become more popular in recent times, allowing people to stop falling into the nine-to-five day job trap, and rather profit from something they really enjoy doing. Unfortunately, there is a lot more that goes into founding a business than just making the decision – and a lot of people who have the investment to make do not know where to start.

By offering your guidance to help these people start a business, you can profit in return. Consider the fact that a new business requires various services and even products to get started. You could set up a niche blog that aims at delivering useful content regarding the steps it takes to start that new business.

Here are a few ideas on ways to use affiliate programs to monetize a niche site related to starting a new small business:

  • Paychex for outsourcing payroll and HR functions.
  • Crunch for making accounting easier and more efficient.
  • Treehouse for educating new staff that enters the company.
  • Hootsuite for improving the social media strategy to help the business remain active on social networks.
  • Intuit – a platform that integrates with payroll systems and QuickBooks for easier financial management. Pays up to $55 per sale and $5 per lead.
  • VistaPrint for branded products, including signage, business cards, t-shirts, and more.


20. Make Money Online

Making money online used to be a dream that only a selected few people were able to reach a couple of years ago. Today, however, advancements in online technology, along with the widespread availability of the internet, allows really anyone who has a smart device and internet to start earning online.

There really is an endless number of ways that people can make money online – which gives you a lot of content to write about. You can develop a website that is more targeted toward a specific strategy that would help the reader learn about making money online – or you could choose to rather have a broader focus, sharing different ideas and opportunities that readers can take advantage of.

Examples of topics that can form part of this niche site:

  • Freelancing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Dropshipping
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Website hosting and domain registration
  • CPA marketing

These are only a couple of examples – be sure to do some research to find the right subject to target with your make money online niche site.

There is also an endless number of affiliate programs that you can utilize yourself profit from the content you publish on your niche site. Some examples of affiliate programs include:

Also, be sure to take a closer look at the many relevant programs that you can promote through the ClickBank platform.


21. Camping

There are at least 77 million households in the United States, with one or more people who enjoy camping on a regular basis. Camping might be an age-old activity, but it is quickly gaining grounds among the modern-population. In the year 2018, there were four million families in the US who decided to go out for a camp for the very first time.

Camping is a great activity that anyone can enjoy – be it with friends or family, or maybe just one special person. This activity does require some knowledge and quite a few accessories, which is where your niche site should come in.

If you are an outdoor fan, considering writing blog posts about camping. You can set up a niche site specifically related to camping in general, or rather decide to opt for something more specific. Perhaps you wish to review camping sites you have been to in the past. Or maybe you want to give readers a review site where they can find information about camping tents, mattresses, and other accessories and gear.

There are a few different affiliate programs and opportunities that you can take advantage of. One of the best places to go would be Amazon’s Associates Program – there are thousands of items related to camping that you can promote on your website from this platform.

Other affiliate programs that you should also consider incorporating into a camping niche site include:


22. Survival

Survival and camping do go hand-in-hand, but in the end, these are really two different niches that you can target. You can set up a survival blog or niche site without ever even touching the topic of camping – because survival usually involves being able to get through the forest or any other area of nature surviving, even in cases where you may be found in tough situations.

Survival blogs are very popular, and there are many opportunities that would allow you to monetize this type of website. You should consider setting up this type of niche set by writing about tips and tricks for people who often go out on survival missions.

A great opportunity for monetization would be to review some survival products on the blog. You can then link to the appropriate affiliate links and obtain commission when a sale is made through your link.

Amazon is, again, one of the very first affiliate programs you want to consider here. Clickbank also has a couple of excellent programs available in the survival niche. There are other affiliate income opportunities that you should also consider exploring:


23. Fishing

Fishing is an outdoor activity that many people enjoy – there are different types of fishing activities that people can participate in, and each of them offers a specific target audience great adventures, while also putting food on the table for some people.

Fishing is also a profitable niche that you can definitely dive into. Since different types of fishing activities do exist, it would be a good idea to consider specializing in your niche website on one of them. Some of these categories include:

  • Line fishing
  • Bottom trawling
  • Muroami fishing
  • Angling with a rod
  • Blast fishing
  • Cyanide fishing
  • Fly fishing

Consider setting up a targeted niche blog. There are several opportunities on Amazon that you can take advantage of – review products related to fishing and include affiliate links to them. You can also decide to promote a Clickbank program related to this activity – there are multiple fishing programs available that can help your reader learn more about the various techniques to improve their skills in the water.

Other affiliate programs that you might also consider adding to your fishing niche website:


24. Sports

Sports is huge – there are many different sports and millions of fans who enjoy every single sport under the sun. If you are among the many sports fans out there, consider taking this fact to your own advantage.

You do have a couple of different opportunities to consider here. You could start a website that talks about a specific sport – perhaps a starter’s guide that helps beginners better understand how the sport works and give them knowledge on the gear needed to play that sport. You could also rather choose to develop a niche site that focuses on delivering the latest sport-related news.

There are many different sport-related affiliate programs that you can utilize to monetize these niche sites. Let’s take a look at a few examples:


25. Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most consumed beverages. While there have been some mixed opinions regarding coffee, scientific studies have shown evidence that the caffeine found in coffee beans are actually very good for the human body – as long as you drink this beverage in moderation.

In the United States, an estimated $74.2 billion were spent on coffee products in the year 2015. Coffee also makes up to 1.6% of the gross domestic product market within the United States economy. The industry is huge – millions get up each day to a cup of coffee.

Consider setting up a niche website that tells people about the many benefits that come with drinking coffee. Be sure also to tell them how much coffee they can safely drink. You could also set up a review site where you provide information about different coffee products that are available on the market.

You can then apply at various coffee-related affiliate programs and promote the content on your niche blog. Consider some of these affiliate programs if you wish to monetize this type of website:


26. Superfoods

Superfoods are actually a relatively new term that has surfaced in recent years. The term refers to foods that contain a significant variety of vitamins and minerals, along with phytonutrients and other plant-based chemicals that are beneficial for human health.

Since the discovery of these foods, people are becoming increasingly interested in utilizing superfoods in their daily lives. This equips them with the nutrients their body needs not only for survival but also for optimal functioning.

Take advantage of this trend by setting up a superfoods niche blog. You can write about the variety of superfoods that have been discovered – then provide a full overview of the nutritional content found in each. Help the reader understand exactly what the benefits would be of the nutrients that are found in these foods – this gives them a better view of what the food would potentially be able to do for them.

Superfoods come in a variety of options – with powdered-based juices being quite popular. There are also superfood dietary supplements. Additionally, you can even find several online programs that give you information about how superfoods can be used to fight against heart disease, inflammation, diabetes, and other conditions.

Consider looking at Amazon’s Associates Program for some excellent products to promote. You can also get many useful programs on the ClickBank platform to promote.

In addition to these, consider the following affiliate programs that would give you access to superfood products you can choose to promote:


27. Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the most harmful habits that people participate in today. The chemicals that are used in the production of cigarettes are known to be directly contributing factors to lung cancer, throat cancer, and other types of cancer in the body. The habit also causes lung diseases and can contribute to heart disease.

There are many people who want a way out – but stopping smoking can be a challenge for many people. With this one, you can give back to the community, while profiting at the same time. Set up a niche website that tells people how they can stop smoking. Share some practical steps that they can follow and then find a few programs that you can promote alongside the information that you offer.

ClickBank is definitely a good option to consider here. This platform has many different programs available that focuses on helping the customer stop smoking. Do not limit the affiliate programs you promote on your niche site only to what is available on ClickBank, however. Here are other options to consider adding as well:


28. Cooking

Cooking is a hobby that millions of people enjoy. The great thing about this hobby is the fact that it does not only give you a chance to utilize your own creativity, but it also helps you put food on the table – giving your family the nutrients and food their bodies need to continue functioning.

Cooking comes in many different forms – breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, cookies, cakes, pastries. These are only a few ideas.

If you enjoy cooking, consider setting up a niche site where you talk about cooking in general. Perhaps share some tips on how to select the right pots and pans, what ingredients to use, and other useful advice. You could, of course, also rather decide to develop a website where you share your favorite recipes.

There are many affiliate programs that you can decide to promote on this type of niche website. Here are a few examples and ideas to get started with:


29. Movies & Series

Movies and television series offers people an excellent opportunity to wind down after a day and catch up on their favorites. There are new movies out being released continuously – and this will not change any time soon.

Those who do enjoy watching movies and series themselves should consider a niche site around this topic. There are a few ways that you can profit from the movies and series industries.

Consider a website where you review your favorite movies and series. Alternatively, create a website where you showcase trailers – perhaps of upcoming movies and series. Maybe you can talk about the latest news and gossip surrounding the celebrities that are seen in your favorite shows.

There are a lot of streaming service affiliate programs available that would be the perfect companion to a niche website that focuses on movies and television shows. Here are a few options to consider:


30. Gaming

Similar to movies and series, gaming is another entertainment-based niche that you should definitely also take into consideration. The gaming industry is huge. New games are continuously being released – and gaming companies are consistently improving the technologies that are utilized to bring better graphics and enhanced performance to gamers.

When it comes to gaming, you can create a blog where you write about the latest games you have played. You can also be more targeted with your blog – if you enjoy vintage and retro games, consider setting up a blog that specifically focuses on these gaming systems and games. You could also set up a niche site that talks about different gaming studios or maybe the various platforms you can buy games online – such as steam.

Here are a few ideas on affiliate programs that you can use to monetize a gaming niche website:


Affiliate marketing is a proven method that helps people make extra money from home – sometimes turning into a full-time career. With the right niche, you have an endless opportunity and can scale your business according to the amount of time you have available.

The first step, however, is to find the right niche – start by looking at the niche ideas we shared here. We’ve handpicked every one of these ideas to bring you a list of the niches with the most potential right now.