Kartra Vs Clickfunnels
The Top 2 Funnel Builders Compared…

It’s all come down to two amazing funnel builders, but which one is right for you?

Well, in this Kartra vs Clickfunnels comparison you’ll hopefully have a better understanding of the two and have a winner that will be best suited for YOUR needs.

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Internet marketing can be a real pain in the neck when it comes to using marketing software that depends on the knowledge of programming skills.

When I started out online, all I wanted was to get my products and services selling.

I was looking for options that would help automate the selling process so that I would concentrate on building my business.

Since I know nothing about programming, I only had the options of hiring a web designer or spending months trying to figure everything out. Options such as WordPress, Wix, Joomla etc. seemed complicated and out of my reach.

Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify also require more knowledge and they end up costing more.

It was in this pain and confusion that I came across two of the best platforms that have stood out as genuine assistants for marketers.

Kartra and Clickfunnels are marketing software that comes loaded with almost all of the features that a marketer would need.

From web pages to webinar features, from autoresponders to affiliate management features.

Of the two, Clickfunnels has been there for quite a number of years.

Kartra, however, is a new fresh-from-the-oven tool.

Both come as the best of my recommendations and they can help you grow your business to the next level.

In this article, we look at each one of them and their differences with the objective of helping you settle for either one of them. In the end, you will need to pick either one of the two for your business, so hang tight.


Clickfunnels is your rescue plan from the hands of “tech wizards” who suck thousands of dollars from off your business.

It has been designed to help you create websites instantly using amazing drag and drop features.

There 22 sales funnels templates to choose from for your website.

From the website you create, visitors are led through a progressive sales process ending up to converted successful sales.

With Clickfunnels, the process of creating a web page takes three main steps.

Step 1

You will need to choose your ideal funnel.

Every type of sales funnel that you select is statistically analyzed, and validated to associate with specific products and services.

For example, some funnels may be optimized for chiropractors, dentists, or realtors. These are just a few to name.

Step 2

The second step after picking your sales funnel is choosing a specific design of the pages.

They have a wide variety of ready-made design options that you can choose from.

Every page Maintains key uniqueness and does not call for you to have any coding skills.

Step 3

The third step you take after building the web page is, clicking a button!

There you go.

It takes about ten seconds for everything to piece together and you have a fully functional web page up and running.

You can take Clickfunnels for a test drive for using their free 14-day trial here.


Unlike the task-oriented Clickfunnels software, Kartra is a goal-oriented software created by two professional marketers, Mike Filsaime, and Andy Jenkins.

Kartra is the same as having a full team of marketing professionals at the service of your business. It offers you some serious chances of growth and success, owing to its highly competitive edge.

While Clickfunnels banks much of its power in a drag and drop process of creating a stellar sales funnel pages, Kartra demands that you think in reverse motion.

It sets you on an exciting trajectory that helps you focus on the ultimate goal of using such a software, which is making sales.

The last page on Clickfunnels is a thank you page which is prepared last.

Shock is, with Kartra, you will need to assume that your customer has already taken the action you want them to take.

Thus, you will start by building the thankyou page and reversely progress all the way up to the start of the sales process.

Kartra leaves a lot of creative space in your control.

While Clickfunnels offers you around 22 different types of sales funnels for your website, Kartra has a blank canvas option and other page options such as video sales pages.

An interesting feature with Kartra is that it has an AI backed automation system that deeply interacts with your leads, all of this with minimal efforts from you. This translates to higher conversion rates.

Kartra has a 14-day trial that unlocks all features for just $1 here.

Key Differences

In using Kartra for autoresponders, you either get stuck with their automation software or use Zapier.

However, Clickfunnels beats Kartra by allowing the integration of other autoresponders such as Aweber, Mailchimp, and Infusionsoft etc.

Clickfunnels takes another win on the number of businesses you can run with one account.

Clickfunnels will support as many business ideas and domains as you can have. However, Kartra will only support one business in each account.

On the Evergreen Webinar Functionality, Clickfunnels is a good enough a webinar platform that allows you to run an evergreen webinars.

Kartra lacks this functionality.

Clickfunnels has been on stage since 2014.

This has enabled them to build on a strong and extensive network of customer support and a massive group on Facebook that provides a supportive community.

There are also entire companies that vouch for Clickfunnels as well.

Kartra is relatively new and still developing a support framework from 3rd party players.

Advantages of Using Kartra

First, Kartra offers the deal of the day for all the features at their standard $89 price. However, Clickfunnels will require a more expensive $297 plan to access all features.

Kartra takes a win on their dynamic OTOs. You can channel people to different offers based on their previous purchases.

However, with Clickfunnels, the OTOs your visitors and customers see do not depend on their purchases.

Kartra challenges the logic of a marketer. Setting up a complete funnel using Kartra is done in a reverse engineering fashion, building everything from the final thankyou page.

Clickfunnels sales process starts with the optin and flow down to the thank you page.

This helps a marketer to dwell and concentrate more on how to close on a lead, rather than concentrating on the infrastructure used.


Although the benefits of Clickfunnels seem to close in equally, Kartra takes the lead for its slight improvements over Clickfunnels.

  • It is cheaper with an all-inclusive price of $89 per month.
    For this price, you are able to utilize all of its features, unlike Clickfunnels which require that you spend $297 to use all the features available.
  • Kartra selectively serves dynamic OTO on the basis of a customer’s previous purchase. However, Clickfunnels serves all the OTOs without determining the previous purchases.
  • Kartra has an AI backed behavioral marketing functionality. Without doing much of the heavy lifting, Kartra can show different elements depending on how customers interact with your sales process. This includes emails, purchases, optin, etc. This functionality significantly raises the bar on the CTOs and the conversion rates.
  • Unlike Clickfunnels, Kartra will also host your files and videos for you. You will not have to perform custom embeds for your videos.

Having said enough already, Clickfunnels and Kartra stand out as the best option every business owner would need for marketing their products and services online.

Of the two, which one of them is your winner?

I’m going with team Kartra on this.

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