With over 14 years of experience building affiliate websites, our team knows what it takes to build websites that rank and convert.


This service is perfect for beginners who are struggling with writing content and the technical side of things. We do all of this for you.


This service is also great for investors looking to grow their portfolio of affiliate sites to add to their income stream. Build your empire!

Hi, my name is Warren Wheeler and I’m super excited to offer you my Done For You affiliate site creation service at an amazing price. This is a special service for those who don’t want to spend weeks or even months trying to build their own affiliate site. We do everything including niche and keyword research, site design, write your content and optimize for both search engines and turning your visitors into buyers plus all your on-page SEO so you have every fighting chance to rank your new site in Google and other search engines. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, keep reading… Look, there’s a good chance that you’re on this page because of one or all of these reasons:

Or, you’re tired of trying to figure it all out on your own and ready to give up, so you searched for a done for you affiliate site service and found us by chance.

We totally get it!

Creating a website takes lots of work and if you’re a complete beginner doing it all on your own can take months just to get your site up and running.

Then there’s the worry of knowing if you are actually doing things right, or even worse, stressing over Google’s algorythm updates and watching your site disappear in the search results…

I know all the pains and struggles – hey, I’ve been there before and it’s not pretty!

Over the years we’ve created hundreds of affiliate sites and we know what works and what doesn’t, we’ve weathered multiple storms from Googles updates and we always keep up with change, so we created our own little system which focuses on what does work.

And that’s what we are offering you today… 

A done for you affiliate website service which is completely hands-off and stress-free for YOU.

That way you can focus on things you enjoy doing while a team with the experience and know how does it all for you.

Let’s take a look at what you are getting here…


14+ Years of Experience Poured into Your Affiliate Site.

We’ve built hundreds of affiliate sites and know what works and what doesn’t work from years of trial and error.


Niche & Keyword Research Done For You!

We carefully choose keywords so your site has a fair chance to rank without building hundreds of backlinks. We send you a list of keywords and a site structure that can be changed to your liking.


Your Site Filled With 36,000k Words OR 75,000 Words of AMAZING Content!

Our team of writers will fill your website full of engaging content that’s designed to rank and convert. We have packages designed to match all needs – starter site to authority.


Premium Theme Customized to Suit Your Niche.

We don’t just install WordPress and a free theme here, we actually design sites that give your visitors a good user experience. We use premium themes and customize them to suit your niche!


Kickass Logo and Branding

Our logo designer is AMAZING! He has designed some of the most coolest logos that stand out and pop. We’ll send you a handful of uniquely designed logo concepts to choose from. Once you’re happy with the design you get all source files and social media formats for branding.


Social Media setup package

Creating social media accounts can be a time consuming pain in the butt!!…Well, not any more because we give you branded images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube. We also give you details to add to your account and show you how to set up your account the right way.


On-Page SEO Done!

Each page will be optimized for search engines. We take care of your meta titles, meta descriptions and interlinking for you, giving your site every fighting chance to rank with minimal effort.


Your Affiliate Links Added…

We can also strategically add your affiliate links in for you including banners, text links and buttons.


Your Own Project Manager With Ongoing Support.

To keep things organized and to give you the support you deserve, you’ll be assigned with your own project manager who will keep you up to date of the progress of the site, answer any questions you may have and we are always available to help even after the site is complete. You’ll also have your own client dashboard. 


LEAD MAGNET Created For You!

Yes, that’s right…We will create a digital eBook as a lead magnet to entice people to subscribe to your email list. This eBook is normally a mini guide or report on the niche you’ve chosen. *Authority Start Package only.


Autoresponder and emails set up!

No use having a lead magnet if you’re not emailing your list right? We will set up your autoresponder and depending on the package you select we will write up to 10 emails to build trust and potentially make sales from your subscribers. *Authority Start Package only.


That’s Not All…

Once the site is complete I will be in contact to give you my best tips and techniques for promoting and maintaining your new affiliate site moving forward. I want your site to be a success just as much as you do…I love seeing people succeed but by providing an amazing service like this, hopefully you’ll spread the word and recommend your friends.

STOP! Read this before you continue further…

Before you continue any further, I want to make you fully aware of a few things.

I’m not like those FAKE GURUS who make false claims or try to sell you the dream of overnight success, Lamborghini’s and fancy luxury holidays in the Maldives.

Here is the cold hard truth...

Great! You are still reading! This tells me three things…

Affiliate Marketing – The Best Way To Make Money Online!!

working on affiliate websites

Affiliate marketing is an amazing business model, it really is a win win for you, the company you’re promoting and it’s also a win for your readers.

It’s also an extremely lucrative business with billions of dollars being made by affiliates every year!

And that’s probably why you’re here right now, you want a piece of that pie, am I right?

With just one affiliate website there’s huge potential if you can get the traffic…

Put the right offers in front of the right people and making commissions is a piece of cake!

There are people making over $10,000 per month with small affiliate websites, and the best part is, after all the hard work is done – these sites are very easy to maintain and can be very passive.

Just a short while ago I sold a website for over $128,000 and this site only had 22 pages of articles.

The website we build you will of course have more content than that site.

Now, I can’t promise or guarantee you will make $10,000+ per month or sell your website for over 6 figures, but the sites we build will definitely give you a leg up and save you a BUNCH of time and frustration trying to do it on your own.

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money, it’s the only type of income that I’ve had where I’ve made money while I’m sleeping, while away on holidays, spending time with family all without a boss telling me what to do.

Skeptical? It’s Okay…

You might be wondering, is this actually going to make my money back and more?

And that’s a fair question.

I totally understand and you’d probably be crazy if you didn’t feel that way. But here’s my promise to you…

I can’t guarantee that you will make a single dollar (although that is very rare), I will, however, do everything I possibly can so your new affiliate site has every fighting chance to succeed.

Also, there’s no way in hell that I’d do anything to ruin my reputation online, It’s just not worth it to me.

We are literally creating your site as if it were my own!

I’m sure by now, after getting to know me from my group Affiliate Marketing Ninjas, you will realize I’m here to help!

So, check out my done for you niche site package below..

You could say it’s a “business in a box”. 


“I know warren for years through his Facebook group and I would say he is a pioneer in the affiliate game. Also, he is helping other affiliates to achieve their goals. I have ordered my Affiliate site from his service and I would say it is the best decision I have made. Warren and his team were very helpful and communicative. We have exchanged more than 50 emails while the site was under construction and they replied back within 5 hours. Their content is great, written by native English writers and they have done all the research is required. And site design and structure is perfect. I thank Warren and his team for their effort to make my site successful. My next target is to order my second site from Warren’s service.”
Indika Bandara
"I’ve used Warren’s article writing service at AuthorityRocket multiple times for an existing niche site I created late last year. My plan is to have a small army of websites that bring in passive income so I can spend more time with my family and give them a good life. However, I always dread the time and effort it takes to build a site and writing content is something I’ve always struggled with. After chatting with Warren about his done for you service I bit the bullet and decided to invest my money. I knew I made the right decision as soon as I saw the site come together. This is a top-notch service that went way above my expectations and I’m not just saying that. Everything is well planned and Warren and his team are there all the way. The site is making regular sales now and I also learned a few tricks that I implemented on my existing site which has also increased conversions. I plan on hiring Warren to create another site in 2 months time. Highly recommended!! "
Glenn Polsen
"I have used Authority Rocket's DFY Content Service twice now and I am blown-away by the quality of the content, the efficiency and prompt feedback from the Project Manager and just the overall value what they charge! If you are looking for a top-notch content service for your website, I highly recommend these guys. I am looking forward to seeing my site grow, and I will be using Authority Rocket for all my content moving forward. Thank you again Warren and team for doing such an outstanding job! "
Pauline Wright
"It doesn’t matter if you’re planning your first ever affiliate site or looking to expand your portfolio by outsourcing the whole process – Warren and his team are the best all-in-one solution there is! From professional keyword research to link building. I’m saying that as someone who spent weeks researching. I would say what sold me initially and got to stick to them was their full transparency and authenticity which you rarely find there days in the digital marketing space. You got questions? Warren is the type of guy to get back to you in a few minutes with a page long answer. Simply the best keyword research, content writing, site structuring and learning at the same while observing and communicating with them – that for me is pure GOLD."
Danail Ilev
"Guys, Warren writing articles for you it’s the best thing that can happen to your blog. I had the opportunity of his team working on content for blog and the statistics are mind blowing. Besides the fact that I now have several articles on google page one and one article is already on position 1, I get daily sales from this article. It converts at around 30% making me money with less than 30 visitors to my article daily. And if you are following Warren for some time now you know he’s been talking about the same 30% conversion rate before he starts tweaking and optimizing further. The guy is the real deal and he sure knows what google wants and what the reader perceives as value. Honestly, I think he’s charging too less but don’t tell him."
dan luca
Dan Luca
"I've been fortunate enough to have been following Warren and his amazing team, for over 4 years. This is my second affiliate website I have bought and each time, the websites have increased with outstanding value. Your website becomes an incredible online asset that will get you earning and you will absolutely love. However, as Warren and his team always declare, you must still continue to work diligently and consistently to promote these further to receive the excellent ROI they are capable of delivering. These websites will save you HOURS, WEEKS even of work on your own! The research that has gone into the written content, the site design and the optimization, the expertise is in my opinion, exceptional value you will not find anywhere else. Warren is true to his word in terms of his team's ongoing support! You are never left alone after purchase. You are in safe hands and your investment is of the highest standard. I highly recommend these aff websites to kick start your affiliate marketing journey to financial fruition. Thanks Wazza and Team - You guys rock!"
Karen Perese
Karen Perese


It’s time to sit back, relax and let us do the work for you!

Your affiliate site built for you by my team with over 10 years experience! You won’t find anything this good at the price I’m offering…



36k Word Niche

Niche Site Package
$ 2997 USD
  • 36,000 Words Of Content
  • Niche & keyword Research
  • Professional Logo
  • Premium Theme Customized
  • Branded Featured Images
  • Social Media Setup Pack
  • Affiliate Link Insertion
  • Google Analytics Installed
  • Google Search Console Installed
  • Persona & About Page Creation.
  • On-page SEO Done
  • Your Own Client Dashboard
  • Site Support

75k Word Niche

Authority Starter Package
$ 5497 USD
  • 75,000 Words Of Content
  • Niche & Keyword Research
  • Professional Logo
  • Premium Theme Customized
  • Branded Featured Images
  • Social Media Setup Pack
  • Affiliate Link Insertion
  • Google Analytics Installed
  • Google Search Console Installed
  • Persona & About Page Creation
  • On-page SEO Done
  • Your Own Client Dashboard
  • Site Support
  • 1 x Lead Magnet
  • Optin Landing Page
  • Autoresponder Set Up
  • 3 x Email Copy


* First Steps: Once you order I will contact you via email and we’ll get the ball rolling. Please allow up to 24 hours for me to get back to you. I normally reply within 3 hours.

* Niche + Keyword Research: Then, we will begin the research process using advanced SEO tools to find keywords that will be easy and realistic to rank.

* Building the site: I carefully build the site using a premium theme that is suited for the chosen niche. This will also be customized to match the niche so your audience will instantly know they’re in the right place.

* Professional Logo: My top designer who I’ve used for the past 4 years will design the perfect logo for your site! Your project manager will send you 3-4 logo concepts for you to choose from. If revisions are needed my designer will work on those until you are happy. Once approved you get all source files PLUS social media formats for branding.

* Plugins: All free and premium plugins I personally use on my sites will be installed on your new site. I structure the site so it’s very easy for Google and other search engines to crawl and understand what your site is about. 

* Content: Once the site is set up, we then begin adding content carefully written to help the reader and persuade them into buying the selected affiliate offers. We have packages of 40k, 60k and 100k words of content which is plenty for search engines to take you seriously.

* Optimization: When all the content is up I then go over the site and optimize each page so it’s fully optimized for both the reader and search engines.

* Lead Magnet & Landing page: If you’ve chosen the Authority package you’ll also receive a professionally created lead magnet to help build your email list. Typically, this is a short eBook, report or mini guide around your niche. 

* Your own client dashboard: Our brand new client dashboard makes it easier and faster to get help and check on updates on the progress of your site. 

Here’s an example of what a 75k Word DFY Affiliate Site package looks like:

  •  3 x 3000-word product reviews.
  •  3 x 3000-word listicles.
  •  3 x 2000 word listicles.
  •  3 x 2000-word product vs product.
  •  4 x 2500-word articles (info, review or   listicle).
  •  4 x 2000-word articles (info, review or   listicle).
  •  5 x 2000-word info articles.
  •  6 x 1500-word articles (info, review or   listicle).
  •  7 x 1000 word articles (informative)
  •  500-words home page.
  •  500-words about us page.
  •  1 x Landing page.
  •  1 x contact page.
  •  1 privacy page.
  •  1 affiliate disclaimer.

Note: This can be changed to your liking. We are very flexible and this is only an example. 

That’s 75,000 words of content that YOU didn’t have to write all done for you at an unbeatable price! 

You will be getting a complete niche website that has EVERY fighting chance to make you money! Imagine how much time and effort that is going to save you…

Sounds pretty good right?

You’ll have an affiliate site that is fully optimized to start making money. So, sit back, relax and let us do it all for you!

Have More Questions? Ready To Order?

If you’re ready to order, have more questions, or maybe you need a hand choosing a niche, feel free to send me a message and I will get back to you asap!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help with choosing a niche?

Absolutely! I normally ask for 3 niches you’re interested in and do the research to find which is the most profitable and best match for you. 

OR, if you’d prefer we can choose a niche for you.

Do you help us after the site is finished?

Absolutely! If you have questions or if you need help with promoting it, I’m always happy to help. I also like to keep in touch to see how things are going.

Do you offer content packages?

We sure do!

If you want to continue growing your site but find it hard to add content or simply don’t have the time, we have done for you content packages ranging from 10k words to 50k words. 

These packages include everything done for you including keyword research, formatting and adding the articles to your site with relevant images, videos and we also do on-page SEO as well. That way you can sit back and relax while your site is being updated with fresh content.

Can I choose my own keywords and topics for articles?

Absolutely! If you feel confident and have your own content plan we can cater to your needs.

Do you offer a payment plan?

At the moment we don’t sorry.

Are there any ongoing costs?

Domain name and hosting is not included. You will need to look after these costs each year.

If you need help setting this up, I’m more than happy to help.

Optional costs will be things like your email autoresponder, outsourcing link building and content creation if you want to continue growing the site.

How much time do we need to spend on maintaining the site?

The good thing about these sites is it’s very hands-free so you don’t need to spend a lot of time maintaining them. You can spend less than one hour per week on the site and this is mostly to update plugins when an update is available.

Please note: This is a done for you affiliate website service, not a done for you marketing service. You will need to promote your website if you want to see faster results.

How long does it take for my site to be finished?

For a 40k niche word site we take up to 30 business days to complete. 

For a 60k word authority starter site it takes around 35 business days.

The 100k word authority sites take 40 business days.

However, most of the time if we are running on schedule it’s much less.

How much money can I make with these sites?

This is probably the most important question right? I would be asking the same thing…It can depend on a lot of different factors such as your niche, the products or affiliate program that are being promoted, time and effort you put into your site, etc.

​I can’t legally guarantee you will make any money but we do everything we can to your site so it is optimized for conversions. The sites are designed to make money and can earn anywhere from $500 per month to $5000 per month or even more. If you spend more time on your site and continue growing it you can potentially earn a lot more.

If the site is performing poorly after 6 months, we also go over the site to see what needs tweaking and optimizing to increase conversions or traffic.

Refund Policy

Please note: I can not offer refunds due to the time and money I will be investing in the site. I can not guarantee you will make a single dollar with your website and cannot predict Google ranking your site. I will promise to do everything in my power to make these happen but again I can not guarantee anything and if people do make promises like that I would avoid it.


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