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7 Ways to Promote Your Website on Social Media

What else did I need to do?

Here I was, three months after creating my first website. I had spent more than $1000 sourcing out the best web designer I knew. I had also invested heavily on creating stellar content.

But what was happening?

What was I supposed to do to get people visit my website?…

I remember how happy I was the day my first website went up. We had done a lot to get it up and running.

All we had to do was wait for people to visit the website and start interacting with the content.

It was a pure pool of value.

So, I mean, there was no way people were going to leave so much awesomeness on the table, right?

In reflection, I think we would have done much better than sit waiting for 3 months without a single visitor.

Back then, we knew nothing about promoting a website to people, and there was not much social media buzz to help us in finding free traffic.

Traffic is the greatest challenge that most of us go through at the beginning. You invest time and money in creating a great website, but traffic never flows.

You even make a point of sharing links everywhere on social media but nothing happens.

Let us find out how you can get traffic flowing to your website.

Should I have waited for 3 months to know that nothing would ever happen if I was not directing traffic to my website?

No. but I started research on how to get traffic flowing to my website, without necessarily having to wait for Google to rank you. Ranking is great but it often takes time.

These are basic and highly effective ways that can significantly boost the traffic to your website.

I use them even today to drive traffic to my website, and they are some of the best ways through which I get high quality traffic.

Take a dig, mate. This will be eye opening.

1. Establish a Social Media Presence

If you just created a new website, it is important for you to create a social media presence.

There are many websites out there and your main goal is to set yourself apart as an authority in your niche.

Having a social media presence for your website is the first step into promoting your website as a legitimate authority for helpful content.

Websites with a social media presence are more trusted by people than those without a social media presence. You want people to trust you.

You also want them to know that they can rely on you for helpful engaging content that will help in solving their problems.

So, how do you establish a social media presence?

  • Identify the social media sites that are most relevant to the theme of your website and traffic
  • Create accounts and keep the same username for all of them. Also, ensure that you fully fill your profile.
  • On your profile, use your logo for the profile photo, and add a cover photo that captures the attention of your visitors.
  • Create an about section that fully explains your website. Do not forget to outline clearly the URL address of your website.
  • Add all your contact details as well. People trust you more if they know that they can easily reach out to you.
  • Build your followers by inviting your friends, family and employees. You can also reach out to your customers and request that they follow your profile pages.
  • Create a habit of regularly posting to your pages. Use engaging content and fun photos that resonate with your audience.

2. Create Engaging Videos

Video content has been one of the best sources of traffic lately. With internet connectivity increasing all around the world, major social media networks are encouraging their users to put out video content.

If you are yet to warm up to the idea of using videos, you may be leaving a lot of traffic on the table.

You may want to consider the uniqueness of this traffic source for your website.

You can easily make videos with basic equipment such as a camcorder, or even a smartphone.

So far, YouTube has been the best place to find traffic using videos. It is a simple-to-use social media network and you can create a YouTube account for your website in less than 2 minutes.

YouTube is a search engine, a social network, and a video hosting site. However, it requires creativity for the ideas of the videos to make for posting.

An awesome idea to create video content for posting on YouTube through creating simple how-to videos.

Such videos are helpful to people who are looking for information on the content that your niche covers.

People who watch your videos often flow over to your website to seek more information on the topic you discussed in the video.

You can also show off your products, and video testimonials of customers that have benefitted from your website.

YouTube provides many features for you to promote your website, and other offers you may be having.

Drop links of your website on the profile. Use descriptions to display your links.

TIP: Use tags to reach a wider audience. Tags are also helpful in reaching the relevant audience.

3. Ad Spend Promotions for Your Website

Ads were the most confusing bit of promoting my website when I started out.

However, with almost all social media sites offering you with tools to meet your advertising objectives, advertising is now easy to do.

With creating ads on social networks, you can control the type of people to whom your ad reaches.

Most of the social networks offer you the power to create ads for people with specific interests and with other demographic Intel.

With time, as you website grows, you can advertise to your email lists or even geo-targeting.

The ads will then direct the traffic back to your website where they can interact with your content and see what is on offer.

Advertising on social media is cheap and you can get set a budget on how much you spend on your ad. You will not have to worry about going over- budget.

4. Share Testimonials from Previous Clients

Testimonials are one of the most lucrative ways of helping you foster trust between you and a new audience.

Even if you have not been in business for long, having a few people share testimonials with you is important.

Keep all your testimonials in one place. This enables people to know and understand your business from a customer’s perspective.

A trick I use to help people read my testimonials.

Do you want more people to visit the testimonials page on your website?

  • Create an image from a quote of a customer’s testimonial.
  • Create some post copy for this image. Include a link in the copy to the testimonials page.
  • Share the image with the post copy on your favorite social networks

5. Researching and Using Trending Hashtags

Hashtags have in the recent past helped me 2x my traffic. Hashtags enable you in appearing on searches on a topic related to the hashtag.

Twitter and Instagram are the major networks that utilize hashtags. In most of the situations, a hashtag on Twitter is the same as that needed on Instagram.

Example: If you created a website post, you can use the hashtag #tbt that stands for throwback Thursday.

Throwback Thursday is the day to bring back memories from the past.

If the content you posted resonates with the hashtag, its relevance will be high, and people will check it out.

One way to use the hashtag #tbt in promoting your website is by sharing a picture of the 1st post of your website when you started out.

There are many free tools to help you know the trending hashtags and topics. You can then create content which resonates with the hashtags and this will help you get more traffic to your website.

6. Use Teaser Images to Build Anticipation

Have you ever wondered why big companies start early marketing campaigns for products they plan to release in their next financial year?

Buzz is a crucial force in creating traction for your website, right from the start.

I have used custom images to build anticipation for my new websites and this always works out great for me.

The following basic steps can help you create buzz for your website launch.

  • Take a screenshot of your homepage.
  • You can then create a link to invite people on checking out your brand new website.
  • Continuously post your teaser images on social media to create interest from as many people as possible.

Note: Images edited to blur, work better in creating anticipation.

7. Liaising and Collaborating with Influencers

Influencers are people who have successfully created massive following for their blogs or social media profiles.

Influencers can collaborate with you and help you promote your products or services at a fee. They offer a wide range of services.

With mentions from an influencer, your website can receive a lot of traffic. The return on investment is however not measurable.

Results with influencers are quite hard to quantify.

Wrap up

as I informed you earlier, these are the 7 best ways that I have personally used to create real web traffic for my website.

Not only do these 7 ways bring me web traffic.

They are some of the basic bullet proof ways that help you get relevant traffic.

Unlike other methods, these help you in generating traffic that can easily convert into dedicated readers, subscribers and customers.

Implementing them will require grit and determination for you to see results. But they sure as heaven work.